Department | About Us
Department is a creative marketing agency based in Brisbane, Australia.
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Our Studio

We’re In-House

We have an expanding, multi-talented team of young guns who can cover a full stack of services. This means you won’t need to piece multiple jobs around town and spread yourself thin. In the end, this means your business will look and sound more cohesive.

We’re Qualified

Our team draws its strength from solid formal qualifications in Visual Communication, UI & UX Design, Business, Marketing, Property Economics, Journalism & Web Design. We also have worked extensively with venues in the hospitality industry, playing a significant role in shaping their identity and establishing some of Brisbane’s signature events and projects.

We Work Where Business Lives

Over the past years, we’re lucky enough to have witnessed the rise of independent locals and big business firsthand. We believe that the retail, hospitality and property boom in Brisbane is going to be long-lasting, and we’re extremely excited to help those industries grow.

We’re Double-Life Locals

While global takeover is still in the cards, we pride ourselves in the fact that we just get how Brisbane works, and what works for Brisbane. We also lead double-lives and actively participate in the health & fitness, hospitality, music and retail industries – call it field research.

Our Process

Getting to the Core of Things

Our first line of attack for any new project is understanding your business and what you offer – no fluffing around.

Never Not Brainstorming

We’re a team for a reason – two (or six) heads are better than one. With our varied skills and backgrounds, we force ourselves to think outside the box until we know we’ve hit something big.

Getting Things Done

In the office, we hate getting bogged down with things that slow down our productivity, so we constantly look for ways improve our workflow. Knowing that we can get things done is what gets us out of bed in the morning. That, and a lot of coffee.

Collaboration Station

We don’t just sit around a big table during the ideas stage – we think every project benefits from a collaborative effort till delivery time. This makes us more versatile in our jobs and improves our communication skills.